Gender Equality Strikes Again! High School Boy Framed for Girl’s Terrorism Threat

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On Monday, May 15th, a 15 year old boy who we will refer to as “Tyler”, was arrested for writing a threat effecting the school’s safety in the form of “graffiti” on the wall of a school bathroom. “Tyler” is a 15 year old freshman at the school, but received adult charges being 15 years in jail. The contents of the “graffiti” was not revealed to the public.

In fact, no one even knows what he exactly drew.

Justice served right? Wrong. There was another threat to the school just 2 weeks before the arrest in a girl’s bathroom stall, this was the only act that was actually recognized by everyone in the school, quickly going viral with these images from the bathroom.

As you can see, this girl’s threat specifically depicted a date . It didn’t take long before this was known by almost every student on campus, the police were involved but made no attempt to warn/inform the parents of this clear threat. After pressure from the angered parents of Citrus County, the police come out with a statement that angered parents even more. Saying basically, “we’ve checked everyone’s houses remotely involved with the incident and consider this a ‘low level threat’ ”. More than half of the school’s students still didn’t show up to school that day because the county failed to release who this girl was or where she is custody wise.
People in the comments of the County’s Sherrif page were confused about why he was convicted if it was all started by a female in the girls bathroom.
This is how they responded:

To this day this girl has been covered up as Citrus High School and the local media wag the dog and divert attention to a male 15 year old student. Rumor’s are going around saying she was handicapped, but much more credible sources say the girl even asked for said pink marker from her teacher before going to the bathroom, being a perfectly normal girl completely aware of her actions.

They released public images and information of the 15 year old boy who no one even knows what crime he committed meanwhile the female who originally started all this panic was shrugged off.

No one is saying he is innocent, but if multiple people commit a crime, CHARGE THEM BOTH!
We have linked the entire original Sheriff post as a PDF file containing all the comments, images, etc. You would not believe how sketchy this whole situation was from the very beginning.

PDF: Click Me

– MANlets Chris and Miles