Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Found Alive and Responding Police had Body Cams

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This story keeps getting crazier so I’m going to keep it short. After the DNC leaks, staffer Seth Conrad rich was mysteriously murdered 10 days after piles of evidence revealing corruption within the party including sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ campaign ,fixing presidential debates and even the disturbing Pizzagate scandal. Mr. Rich was shot in the back and his murder was ruled a “Robbery Gone Wrong” even though none of his valuables including cash, gold watch and wallet were taken. Who shoots somebody in the back in the middle of an upscale DC neighborhood, takes nothing and runs? Fishy, right? It gets worse.

It has now been revealed that Seth Rich leaked this information to Wikileaks during his time working for the DNC. A private investigator hired by the Rich family has confirmed that a source within the DC police department reported seeing the evidence of his Wikileaks connection on Rich’s laptop which was confiscated by the FBI. Apparently, Seth Rich leaked all of this information to Wikileaks operator and mentor, investigative journalist Gavin McFadyen who was living in London at the time. Almost 4 months after Rich’s murder, Gavin McFadyen was taken to a London hospital where he also mysterious died.

This is where it gets insane. As reported by DC police, Seth Conrad Rich was found ALIVE at the scene where he was shot breathing and responsive. The responding police officers were also wearing BODY CAMERAS. Which means the last moments of Seth Rich’s life were recorded and documented. Here is the police report:

Well, maybe he died before he made it to the hospital, right? Wrong. Statistically, almost all survivors of gunshot wounds survive unless shot in the vitals and killed instantly.

Seth Rich’s final moments are on those cameras and experienced by those police officers. Find their contact information, find the doctor that pronounced him dead, find anyone connected and let’s demand answers.