I’ll Take a Native American Genocide Burger, Hold the Smallpox Blankets

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One of the most prevalent white guilt narratives that we hear all throughout school is this garbage about how the evil Europeans maliciously gave Smallpox infected blankets to the poor puppy dog Indians which lead to the designed genocide of 500 Gorillion Natives. This is one of the biggest lies anyone has ever told in history. And if you even think about questioning this nonsense, you’ll be met by a frothing horde of effete Social Justice reprobates with pitchforks in hand. Aiming to shout you down for questioning the sanctuary of victimhood they’ve enthroned the Natives in. As we all know, without victims there is no struggle against an oppressor and without an oppressor there can be no Communist utopia to circle jerk about. So, like always, Leftists will fabricate a villainous oppressor to rally against. The story goes, in order to systematically exterminate the peaceful, pacifist, helpless Natives, the bloodthirsty European tyrants here in the new world, stood in a circle and took turns coughing airborne smallpox virus onto cotton blankets. The white devils then proceeded to run around to super progressive and civilized Native settlements and forcefully wiped their smallpox blankets on sleeping Indian babies. Sound ridiculous? No more ridiculous than the crap you believe right now. So, if this is a bunch of lies? Where did it come from and how did the false information spread?

Well, first of all, it’s a scientific fact that the Smallpox virus can’t exist outside the human body for more than 2 hours. You’d think if they wanted to spread an effective biological weapon they’d pick one that can last longer than your average Stefan Molyneux video. So, unless the colonists were spitting directly into Chief Buffalo Scrote’s mouth hole, it wouldn’t be that effective being passed onto their targets via blankets as a vessel. In fact, there is absolutely no way that it would have worked at all. So, where did everyone get this idea? There isn’t much for recorded historical data regarding the use of smallpox blankets as weapons. And by “not much”, I mean only one account that even mentions it. And the physical copy of that account no longer exists if at all. However, it is featured in Fred Anderson’s “War that Made America: A Brief History of the French and Indian War” from 2006. Where he reveals a supposed letter from Lord Jeffery Amherst, commanding British and colonial troops against Pontiac’s Native American forces in the Pontiac War in 1763, wrote:

“Could it not be contrived to send the Small Pox among those disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them.”

Like I said before, no physical copy of this letter exists and Anderson makes no attempt at providing a source for it. The argument that Anderson makes in his book is that it doesn’t matter whether or not the British actually gave the Indians smallpox blankets because the intention was still there. And if you do any sort of reading into the conditions and brutality of the Pontiac war, you’d want to send them some disease too. Chief Pontiac was a vicious, murderous savage that rose to leadership by sheer gruesome violence. The guy was a psychopathic mass murderer. The Native Army under Pontiac, aided with weapons acquired from the French were absolutely ruthless. There are stories of Colonial women killing their babies when Natives invaded because it was more humane than allowing the Indians to get their hands on them. If your settlement was raided and you didn’t manage to fight the Indians off, you and your entire village were thoroughly massacred. They would rape the women, murder every man and child, smash babies off of rocks and even capture settlers to bring back to their villages where they would make a spectacle of a 3 day long torture. It was absolutely barbaric in ways that those of us in the modern western world couldn’t even fathom.

So, because one British guy 300 years ago suggested to give disease to a group of savage, genocidal psychopaths, a suggestion that there is no proof of, we’re supposed to take collective guilt for all of eternity. Yeah, okay, you can try out for the Lakers with all that reach. Now, a smallpox epidemic did happen that wiped out quite a few natives. My argument is that the blanket narrative is false, not that a plague didn’t happen. Did the Indians experience a smallpox blight that wiped out a huge chunk of their population? Big time. Did they get it from Europeans? Yes. But it was not at all by design. Plagues happen when new cultures and peoples meet and interact for the first time because their immunities aren’t the same. Europeans generally came from concentrated urban environments where their bodies developed a habituation to the environment and immunities to it’s diseases. The Indians obviously didn’t have that. Which is exactly what happened when 1/3 of all of Europe died from the black plague which came from Asia. So, why aren’t we foaming at the mouths about the big evil Asians and their biological warfare? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. So, who spread this narrative?

Howard Zinn did. Unqualified historical revisionist and devout Marxist academic Howard Zinn fleshed it out in his propaganda piece “People’s History of the United States” which has been denounced and proven as a bunch of lies over and over again by actual accredited historians. Yet it is still touted by teachers and professors as a work of brilliance to be shoveled into your child’s noggin even though it is completely false and designed to demonize Europeans and America. When academics decided to implement Zinn’s propaganda in all of their classrooms a few decades ago is when these lies really started to become commonly accepted. In fact, most of what you’re taught in school goes through the Marxist filter before it reaches your ears. Because if enough people believe the same falsehood, it then becomes “Common Knowledge”.