MTV Couldn’t Find Any Sexless Flesh Mannequins For Gender Neutral Award. Gave It to Goblin Emma Watson.

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MTV couldn’t find any Genderless Ken doll mole people to give this award to so they gave it to talentless skank Emma Watson so she wouldn’t kill herself. FuzzBeed reported that after they couldn’t find any living mannequin actors, they tried to dig to the center of the earth to find some hairless, featureless, sentient earth worm species to give the award. But the noodle armed chihuahuas that work for MTV didn’t have the strength in their wrists to wield a full sized shovel. Either way, Emma Watson won the award for her performance in the 400th remake of Beauty and the Beast. I haven’t seen the movie and never will but I’m pretty sure she plays the beast.

I pretty much wrote this for the clicks. Thanks folks.