Trump Passes Religious Freedom Order. Leftists Buttmad Because They’re Losing Power.

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Lord Emperor Trump has passed an Executive Order dubbed the “Religious Freedom Act”. The aim of this action is essentially to begin the dismantling of the “Johnson Amendment”, an Amendment to the Tax Code put into place by then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954. And like always, when the Left’s power structure is threatened, they roll out the entire cucklopedia of meaningless expletives. THIS IS RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC or whatever the hell else. This specific instance the fanatical Leftist hordes are painting this as an all out assault on the LGBT “community”. According to them, the Trumpenriech is going to ride forth from their ivory fortress upon steely, robust war steeds to tangle innocent homosexual passersby in projectile nets only to imprison them in windowless dungeons to await their inevitable mass executions. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s really not far off from what they’re cackling about in unison like a deranged hivemind. And, like always, the marching vagina hats and limp wristed liberal arts majors don’t really know the truth that resides behind the curtain. They’re just falling back on their embedded emotional reactions like a scripted program. But we’re pretty smart for the most part, not so much me, but you guys are. That’s why I’m going to explain what’s going on behind that curtain and why they’re reacting so strongly to this.

First, we have to look at the “Johnson Amendment” that I mentioned before. The target that the Religious Freedom Act is aiming to chip away at. As we all know, Lyndon B. Johnson is well known for his “Great Civilization” scam that has destroyed the black family and plunged black American society into perpetual servitude via the Welfare Plantation system. Not surprising since he is quoted saying “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years” when describing his plot. Which many clamor as being a false quote or debunked. Even if it was a false quote, his intentions and outcome of his policies definitely do more than just endorse that quote, it embodies it. You see, LBJ was a member of the “Dixiecrats” a high society caste of filthy rich crooks, heirs of old money handed down to them from their corporate plantation owning grand daddies. They lost their gravy train of free labor when slavery was ended, so they decided to keep it going in a different, more devious way. Except now their field slaves don’t harvest their cotton, they instead harvest their votes.

You see, in 1954, the black community was completely centered around their church. That was the epicenter of their culture and leadership. From the altar, in crowded wooden churches was where southern black Americans found structure, sanctuary and most of all, influence. After WW2, during the boom of the middle class, black America had something that they typically didn’t possess in recent ages. They had wealth. According to U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration census, in 1950, 78 percent of all black households were married couples who averaged a little less than $40k annual income. Which is a stark difference from today, the result of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Civilization”. In 1991, The amount of married households went from 78 percent to down below 50 percent. Being replaced by single mother households who have averaged around $12k annual income. The other glaring increase that parallels the income and household statistics is the black vote. In 1956, about 61 percent of black voters were registered Democrat, as opposed to an overwhelming 93 percent of blacks registered Democrat in 2012. Lyndon B. Johnson was right, he implemented a system that has roped literally almost all black voters into being loyal to his party. The very party that has taken their wealth, broken up their families and made their lives objectively worse. Now, how did he do this and what does this have to do with the Johnson Amendment LBJ conjured in 1954?

Well, the Johnson Amendment is a provision in the US Tax Code that prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations, or tax exempt entities from endorsing, condemning or donating to political campaigns or politicians. They’re completely hamstringed to the extent that if a Priest or Clergyman publicly mentions a politician in a favorable or unfavorable manner, than the IRS can go after them and punish them for it via fines, leans or several other ways. This is also supposed to include universities however the clear political bias found on college campuses these days are blamed on the student body or staff. Not the share holders or administrative branch who pretend to remain impartial. It’s effectively a loophole and has been completely ignored, especially by the Obama administration, who was notorious for sicking the IRS on political opponents and using unlawful Federal pressure to sway religious organizations both private and nonprofit. Obama is Lyndon Johnson’s 4th cousin by the way, pretty interesting bit of information there. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find all these guys are related and hail from the same stock. So, how does did the Johnson Amendment target blacks and why would Leftists defend it so ferociously?

Because back in 1954, southern black churches were starting to gain influence in the political realm. They started to fund campaigns in the their community and abroad. The Dixiecrats hated this because then black politicians and black business owners were starting up businesses that competed with meagcorporate monstrosities  owned by the Dixiecrats. Competition in the market they’ve managed to hold with an iron grip for so long began to pop up. So like the snakes they are, the Dixiecrats deployed Lyndon B. Johnson to castrate the southern black’s greatest avenue to social mobility. Their churches. And their churches’ ability to donate their money in ways that change their government and job market. So Johnson, with help of the senate passed the The Johnson Amendment, a way for the government to use the IRS as an attack down to chop the blacks back down to size.

So, since it’s historically a law used to stomp on blacks, why would Leftists defend it? Because they don’t know and wouldn’t believe any of this even if you showed them every statistic you could find. But, the smarter ones know the outcome. That would mean that the religious demographic would have an actual political influence once more. And what are religious people usually? Conservative and vote for less government. They can’t have that. You see, Leftists only exist to hate and destroy. They will take any position, use tactic, say and do anything to achieve their goals. Even if it means stepping on the people that they pretend to celebrate and defend. In fact, they need to keep stepping on them. If there is no social upheaval and no struggle, they would go out of business. And they absolutely can’t have that.

-Dave Martel