The French are Cucks and They Deserve to Go Extinct

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That’s all folks, kiss the French goodbye. The home of Napoleon, the architects of all modern cuisine, the builders of beautiful monuments and one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen. All gone forever, down the toilet. And nobody else is to blame than the French themselves. They had a fighting chance to reverse their inevitable cultural suicide by electing Le Pen. But, instead they chose to go with Emmanuel Macron. A Globalist Goldman-Sachs banker who advocates flooding their country with even more 3rd worlders. Statistics reveal that in 30 years there will not be anymore fullblood Frenchmen born. But, I guess that’s something to celebrate if you’re a masochistic Leftist parasite. Have fun living under Shari’a Law because you’ve dug your own graves. No longer will I pray for you when you get massacred by Islamic savages in your own countries. No longer will I give a single ounce of sympathy for any of you. You’ve rolled over like cowards and allowed for your own suicide. Hey, you’re being systematically bred out of existence only to be replaced by people who are going to piss on your culture and tear your page from the history books to be forgotten for ever. But at least you didn’t get called a “racist”, right? That’s what really matters.

Before you go leave a snarky comment about how much of a Fascist I am with no actual rebuttal, watch this video of vile Feminist subhumans fighting to put themselves in chains of Islamic slavery. After you realize that you’ve become property in your near future and have acid thrown in your faces, don’t come to America as refugees. I’ll shoot your rafts and laugh as you all drown. Cucks.

– Dave Martel