Popularity of Fidget Spinner Sheds Light on Condition of Our Children’s Minds

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I only heard about the Fidget Spinner toy recently. My son is only 2 and we as a family are somewhat isolated from the mainstream when it comes to trends and fads. So, I frequently have to go through the whole “WHAT?! How haven’t you heard of (Insert Fad)? Do you live under a rock?!” And the the answer is yes, I do in a way. I’ve done my best to separate myself from the cancer that is the love lives of depraved Hollyweird degenerates and out of earshot of advertising campaigns from corporate psychopaths aiming to sell me cheap Chinese crap. It doesn’t work on me, it doesn’t entertain me and most of all it takes up property in my brain that I could use to fill with things that interest me and make me feel good like heaving tomes of boring political theory or discovering grossly obscure metal albums from unnamed armpit Slavic countries. Sounds exciting, right? Either way, I’m generally out of reach of product marketing unless it’s massively popular and featured in between my son’s daily hour of TV time.

What struck me as odd about the Fidget Spinner was it’s lack of commercial presence. I haven’t seen a single commercial, poster, video, clickbait cancer ad or anything. Yet, it’s completely sold out in stores and every group of kids I see playing in the alleyway seem to have a couple of these toys among them. Which means that kids aren’t being psychologically conditioned by flashing, over stimulating commercials to coerce their parents into buying them. They’re choosing, on their own accord to get these toys. They actually get pleasure out of these little gadgets. Now, another thing that instantly struck me as strange was the name “Fidget Spinner”. Instantly I pictured a little trinket used by developmental therapists to calm down children with behavioral issues or disabilities. When I did some quick research into the product, I found that I was right on the money. At a young age I was diagnosed with “ADD/ADHD” so I went through the then archaic adolescent mental health system, I learned much of the techniques and psychology jargon used by mental health “experts”. I was exactly right, the Fidget Spinner was originally designed to soothe children with sensory issues and stimulus induced anxieties. Hence the name “Fidget” spinner. It sent me right back to when my Grandmother would say “Why you Reuschty?” Which is probably a bastardized, mispronounced Pennsylvania Dutch word that means you’re being Antsy or Fidgety. Either way, when I was being Reuschty, she would give me something to occupy my hands.

This is exactly what the Fidget Spinner is, a circular center of ball bearings surrounded by extruding weighted prongs designed to continue the centrifugal force and create a constant spinning motion. Or is it centripetal force? I don’t actually know the difference, I’m just trying to sound smart. Here’s the little contraption so you can see for yourself:

The misunderstanding about Autism is that it consists of kids who don’t understand social cues. But that’s a specific type of behavior on the spectrum and not all Autists exhibit it. The main commonality of Autism, on the entire spectrum and also in many other behavioral issues, is a sensory deficiency. Have you ever seen an Autistic kid flapping their hands or have a brief convulsion? That’s a nervous reaction to a sensory overload. A behavior my son has that he inherited from me. When I’m deep in thought or feel overloaded with stimulation I involuntarily twitch my hand or bounce my leg. There’s also certain feelings that soothe me or textures that make me cringe. If you rubbed a piece of velvet on my face, I would vomit instantly. When I was a kid, these behaviors were uncommon. Now, it seems every single kid has some shade of them. And for some reason everyone in the mental health and psychology field as well as the pseudointellectuals in the pop science circlejerk are severely downplaying what is happening right before our eyes. There has been an explosion in children diagnosed with Autism. And no, it’s way too many kids to chalk up to “Well now we better understand it and the spectrum is wider”. Look around, how many young parents do you know have an Autistic kid? Tons. We’re literally seeing a massive amount of children being born with sensory deficiencies and the “experts” are brushing it under the rug. Why?

I believe that this is their goal. This epidemic of autism and sensory deficiencies is the result of a designed dysgenics campaign. In the future that the technocrats and Globalist villains have envisioned for us, there is little room for people who enjoy the physical company of others and are drawn to existing only out in internet space. Because, according to the megatech CEOs of Google, Facebook and YouTube, we are a stone’s throw away from everyone being plugged into a collective singularity hivemind. Where everyone’s thoughts are on the same wavelength. Like Facebook is in your brain and all of your thoughts appear on a Global, mental newsfeed. The only problem is that current people naturally aren’t going to enjoy that. The touch, the feel, the experience of human interaction is what we desire and crave as people. So through TV, Entertainment, Chemicals in our Food, Air and Water, Perversion of our society, Brainwashing in School, Pushing of mobile devices and insane amounts of Vaccinations they’ve genetically engineered an entire generation that feel sensory overloads from physical human interaction. A brand new type of person that still craves human interaction but can’t physically tolerate it in conventional fashion. So they’ll gladly accept a way to socialize without having to go out into the real world. Countless studies have proven that blue rays from screens causes brain damage in children. Yet they continue to market apps and games towards toddlers and babies. Saying that they’ll make your child smarter when in fact it’s doing the opposite.


The fact that this “Fidget Spinner”, a toy designed to soothe the nervousness caused by sensory overloads in kids with Autism and ADHD is so widely enjoyed by all children as a whole is extremely alarming. They’re not just brainwashing our children, they’re genetically engineering them under our noses to carry out their fantasies of a utopia. The popularity of this once therapeutic gadget among shows that their plot is coming to fruition. Wake up. You’re being lied to.

-Dave Martel