“4 Layers of Governance” A Theory of Balance and Loyalty

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I have a sentiment I call the “4 Layers of Governance”. It’s the varying levels of life that must be balanced on every step between Authority and Freedom, Law and Nature, Strength and Compassion. It’s about moderation in all things devoid of extremes.

1st is Nation: This is the Layer that we all unintentionally focus most on. Especially during elections and times of political upheaval. Many will spit vitriol and diatribe over how elected legislators should govern, the best economic or social system in the world will operate like a sinking ship while the population governs themselves like honorless degenerates. It is completely reliant on the actions and behaviors of those within the Nation and thus is why Nation is the outer most layer.

However, it is of utmost importance to know what ideas and systems will result in the most success for one’s Nation. The difference between a Nation and a Territory is identity. And identity is shaped within the confine of a border and respect for laws agreed upon by those who bear ownership of the land. This is nexus point where the results of all behaviors entwine and intersect and weaves to make the landscape of a Nation, it’s identity and ultimately, it’s success.

2nd is Tribe: Your extended family, community, close friends, neighbors or religious organization. A Nation is a congress of many Tribes unknowingly swaying the direction of both a Nation and inner family. Like all layers, leadership is crucial within a Tribe. The exceptional and the wise must be hoisted to positions of leadership in order to raise the bar of achievement. A Tribe also gives family a diversity of ideas and opportunity that would otherwise not be available. Whether it be ideas to improve personal prosperity, connections outside of the Tribal circle or simply providing a sense of competition among families. One of the essential aspects of Tribe is the safety net. When adversity strikes in it’s many forms, those within your Tribe will be there to help you back to your feet. Within your Tribe you will find parasites. Those who are ethically corrupt and prey on the kindness of others. Those of this nature must be forcefully expelled from the Tribe or their poison will decay the entire structure forcing positive members to leave on their own accord.

3rd is Nuclear: Your immediate family. This is the foundation of all layers. How you discipline and raise your children, how you treat your spouse and how much effort you put into the prosperity of your family. Like all other layers this level requires leadership and identity. The environment you create within your household becomes the soil from which you grow your offspring. Will you produce strong, fulfilled people? or will they be weak, sickly and unprepared for the world thus weakening the entire structure of civilization. A toxic environment breeds envious, corrupt people who seek entitlement and easy roads instead of achievement and exceptionalism.

4th is Self: You must ensure a healthy and free self. A balance of discipline and pleasure. A puritanical self breeds misery and a excessive self breeds degeneracy. You must operate within your own law and own border. Whether it is dogma from elsewhere or adhering to a law of discipline conjured in your own mind. There must be a balance of Liberty and free thought as well as a duty to your other loyalties. Health, Work, Family, Creativity and Passion must all be fulfilled. If you govern thyself to highest possible echelon of behavior and achievement the momentum will trickle out to all other layers. If all individuals operated in this manner, a collective identity would be forged as Nation, Tribe and Family. An identity of growth and honor, strength and loyalty, freedom and success.

-Dave Martel