Nelson Mandela was Worse than Hitler and I’m Glad he’s Dead.

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It makes me sick everytime I see Mandela’s wretched face. It makes me even more sick seeing crowds of unknowing mouthbreathers celebrating him despite his crimes against humanity. Mandela and his ANC are responsible for countless murders yet Leftists still circle jerk about what a hero he was. I even worked in a school where his face was painted on the wall next to Obama’s. Which is appropriate since being a Communist scumbag himself, Obama would incessantly quote a mass murdering psychopath and Communist terrorist in Mandela. The Left has become unabashed in their open Marxist agenda. To the point that they praise Genocide and senseless massacres against women and children. Which is exactly what Mandela comrade Robert Mugabe has committed against the innocent people of Rhodesia. They stole their land by force and hacked their families to bloody pieces with machetes.

This is something you’ll never hear in the media. Because if Westerners became aware of the crimes against the Afrikaaner people, we would demand a war with the Tyrants who are orchestrating an all out holocaust against the white South Africans. And the International Banking Cartel would lose control of the Diamond Mines they’ve taken by grooming and putting Mandela in power. Fortunately, heroes like Simon Roche from are traveling the world to spread awareness about the genocides against his people. They’re also attempting to raise funds to aid the victims of the coming racial cleansing. This isn’t a conspiracy. The rulers of today’s South Africa admit they are planning to exterminate the whites. They’re physically preparing for it. Simon Roche and his allies are simply spreading the word so that their people will have a chance at survival. To which domestic terrorists Antifa have threatened violence against Simon here in the states on their propaganda machine itsgoingdown (I’m not going to link it. I don’t want to give them clicks).

Our friend Ryan Ramsey, host of Global Dissident Voices has articulated a monumental condemnation of the demon Mandela over at Augustus Invictus’s publication The Revolutionary Conservative. To which you can read below or Click Here.