Liberated Women are Human Garbage and Good Men Need to Boycott Them

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I see it over and over again. One of my younger male friends get their hearts shattered by little hussies. After months of infatuation and celebrating that they’ll finally get to experience the fulfillment of becoming a father and a husband. It’s not that these young guys are disinterested. In fact, they bathe in the misery that the elusive dream of becoming the strong, male archetype that they’ve grown up admiring, is forever out of their reach. It’s an epidemic. There’s an entire generation of 20-somethings that have completely retreated to their apartments where they can get pleasure in things that will never break their hearts. Video games, Intoxicants, Pornography and other boyish indulgences. To which I frequently criticize them for, but I can’t honestly condemn them for feeling defeated. They fall head over heels for these modern women and every time, without fail, they act like prostitutes and humiliate these young guys. Dishonor them to the point that they withdraw completely from traditional courtship only to occasionally venture out into the bed of some random wild sow in order to quench their carnal thirsts. This is where they’re feeding the beast. Perpetuating their own anguish.

Now, my Libertarian autism is going to leak out a little bit. But give it an objective consideration. You see, everything has market value. Soap, Bananas, Speedboats, Chariots, Domesticated Saber-Toothed Tigers, Ballistas and even Women have market value. Projected market value of something is governed by a few different variables. Time Preference, Scarcity, Supply and Demand. Aggregate Demand and Time Preference are both subjective variables. Demand is how much consumers desire said product. Men all desire women so there is clearly a demand for them. Except for gay man, but they don’t get to be included in this metaphor. Go ahead and call the SPLC, it’s my article, I can do what I want. I can even throw all the gays into a woodchipper in this scenario if I want. Not saying that’s what I want to do but if you keep pissing me off I might do it just to spite you. *Starts up woodchipper* See if I’m joking. This is Dave’s house, not yours. Pussy.

So anyway, before you interrupted me. Men demand women thus giving women value. However, because of Men’s  Time Preference, preferring something because of it’s quick attainability, they tend to give their attentions to loose women. Bar floozies, skanks and most of all, the notorious “Liberated” Woman. Future cat ladies that have more than likely been through the Marxist meatgrinder known as the western academic system. Where they’re taught about wage gap false narratives, rape culture, sexual liberation and all seem to plan on throwing the family idea in the garbage in favor of their “career”. Yo guys, guess what? You control their value and ultimately their behavior. Everytime you bed, date or even talk to one of these undesirable females, you give them value. And as a result, take value away from the remaining good women and from the concept of good women as a whole. You know that beautiful, wonderful woman that you see in your head? The one that keeps the house tidy, the one that holds your babies when they’re sick, the nurturing loving creatures all men miss dearly. Even the gay ones. Every time you entertain one of the aforementioned toilet womb pigs with your affection, you take that tender motherly, sweet woman and you punch her in the face.

And as a result, any of the women left worthy of courtship and love are devalued. Because, no matter how hard they scream. No matter how many hashtags they spread awareness about. Men have and always will set the tone for mating rituals among our species. It’s just how it works. Women will contour to make themselves as desirable as possible in order to attract the best genetic specimen to fertilize their eggs and provide for their offspring. So just like with free market where every dollar is a vote for who you want to stay in business, every minute spent on a woman is a vote for that type of woman. You’re creating this environment where you’re stepped on by these unsavory cows. Sure, you as an individual hasn’t encouraged them to act like this. It’s been a few generations of soft, complacent Men who have given value to trashy harlots to satisfy their most basic, primitive needs. They’ve prioritized immediate Time Preference over long term societal health. Once again, the previous generation passes the buck to the next generation when it comes to mess but soaks up all of the benefits. They eat the grapes and leave the pits.

So what’s to come if this isn’t reversed? Surly amazons aggressively marching around their stable of ghoulish male sex servants with lash in hand? No. The future is much more grim. You see, woman crave a dominant male presence. And like always, they want what they want and don’t consider the outcome. That’s why modernist women ferociously advocate for Islamic immigration. On some deep psychological level, they’re subconsciously trying to replace us submissive, weak western men with more assertive, masculine Islamic ones. What they aren’t considering is that if this happens, their future isn’t like the scenario of the cheery blonde 50’s housewife with her broom and sundress that feminists foam at the mouth about. It’s burkas, rape, honor killings and all the horrors of Shari’a law. That’s the future you’re carving out with your philandering manlet behavior. So what’s the solution?

Easy. You know those filthy, degenerate herpes merchants I’ve so thoroughly chronicled in this article? Stop entertaining them all together. Don’t sleep with them, don’t date them, don’t talk to them, don’t look at them. Nothing. The entirety of Mandom needs to collectively reject all undesirable kinds of women. And Men that don’t go along with it? Reject them too. Because Men don’t do things to impress women, they do it to compete with other Men and improve their tribal standing in the masculine hierarchy. Yes, I’m advocating Slut Shaming. In fact, I’m taking it one step further. I’m advocating Slut Shunning and Fuckboy Exiling. Because by continuing your fratboy practices you’re punching housewives in the face and condemning our children to an unforeseeable future of slavery under the crushing boot of Islamic tyranny. Yeah, you should feel bad because it’s your fault.

-Dave Martel