26 Year Old Programmer Arrested at Gunpoint by FBI for Crimes of Strangers

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On the morning of December 6th of 2016 26 year old Taylor Huddleston opened his door to be looking down the barrel of assault rifles belonging to the FBI. A 90 minute search of his home resulted in the confiscation of his computers. Back in 2012 Taylor programmed a RAT (remote administration tool)  known by the name NanoCore, he had no idea how bad the following years would be for him and NanoCore. Taylor joined a site where newer progammers went to learn how to do their magic, Taylor became acustomed to the community of the site and was thrilled to attempt to impress his “friends” with his new product, he started to sell it for people to use so they could learn from the software and use it for research.
Not too long after Taylor realized his product was being used for scams and other illegal activities, he was strongly against it and started enforcing ethical use by creating a more sophisticated account system, but it wasn’t too long before an overwhelming amount of people starting using it for evil. The years leading up to 2015 Taylor would eventually go to the measures of implementing a account logging notification system combined with Netseal (a secure login implementation for customers only)  but people started finding ways around it. Taylor intended to sell the software to people for educational/research purposes like Miles Scott who recently benefited from it and used it as a key material for his science fair project (which got him 1st place regional category and state finalist).
Awards Miles had recieved during the Citrus Regional Science/Engineering Fair in Florida.

Ultimately Taylor himself has done nothing illegal and had gone through every measure to prevent others using his product illegally. Now Taylor is dumped with the consequences of hundreds of cyber-criminals including the ones that legitimately caused this issue by distributing the cracked software publicly.

One of the biggest contributors is the very person that led to the hundreds of other criminals abusing the software. That person thrives on a forum known as Nulled.to and goes by the name Alcatraz3222. We have downloaded the whole thread into a zip file so you people can view the most recent version of it (Links will be at the bottom of the page). This person clearly announces the intent he is promoting with the download.
Nanocore was being sold through a digital goods shop known as rocketr.net with an automated payment and email delivery system that is very professional and secure.
This is an extremely unjustified action and the only people the FBI should be storming are the real criminals. Taylor is innocent in the eyes of most reasonable people and him being stormed by the FBI is a very extreme and unreasonable solution.The government want to take away all money made from NanoCore.Evidence/sources:The zip file with archived Alcatraz thread:


Digital Goods Store Rocketr:


Nanocore’s original website:


Netseal explained: