The economic reprecussions of globalism

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A select few multi-national corporations have managed to manipulate politics of the most powerful countries. They have pushed for increased government, and regulations that make it more difficult for competitors to emerge. To better understand the problem, let’s look at the numbers.

The 30 largest corporations make 68.87% of the profits of the top 500 corporations together. This allows the elite few companies to control global politics through subversion and corrosion of the democratic system. This is NOT democratic capitalism. This is oligarchy, where a few globalists control their political puppets in Washington. The largest corporations have little room for growth, where as the smallest have more potential to expand. This leads multi-nationals to place unnecessary restrictions and regulations into law that benefit them. Either through making the creation of a business more difficult, or through hindering growth of small companies who have a harder time raising capital.

This in the end hurts the working class. One of the main outlets for the poor to change their economic status is to either start a business, or gain a executive position in a smaller pre-existing one to help it grow larger through the years. If globalists manipulate and corrode the system, markets are no longer free.

The damage is visible, as mega sized multi-national companies make 25% more return on equity than the smaller corporations. This means the globalists are only increasing in power. Trump can’t save America, we have a defective congress that needs to be bribed. Lobbying is a $28,919,684,431 dollar industry a year industry. Thats 12% of Trump’s net worth. Will he really be able to physically remove them all in 4 years?

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