Stop Making TechnoCommunist Mark Cuckerberg Rich. Join the MAN Free Speech Forum.

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We’re all completely sick of it. The Censorship, the Feeding our personal information to the Government and Corporate data miners. We all know Cuckerberg is a Commie, we all know he’s a Globalist and we all hate his guts. So why the hell are we still making him rich? It’s only going to get worse. He incessantly lobbies to give all ownership of American internet ownership to the “International Community”. He’s going to keep fighting to take away our rights and force us to live under the thought policing guidelines of places like China and India. Everyday he doesn’t have the Chinese joining Facebook en masse, he cringes. That’s the final step until he gets his dystopian collective intellectual matrix that he salivates about.

You know this is true. I know this is true. We all know this shit is true. His biased algorithms have shut me down and censored me more times than I can count. My claim to fame is how often I get the notorious Zucc Banhammer. So, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve started to piece together my own little social media platform. It’s not exactly as functional as Zuckerbook, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. But you can do all the same basic things. Share articles, memes, shitpost, start and manage groups both public and secret. You can friend, message and tag your friends. And as I figure it out, the more features I’ll add on. And best of all, you’re not going to be silenced, censored, restricted or banned because you call someone a faggot. Especially if they are being a faggot, I’ll join in with you.

You’ll be completely involved with the entire Mad American operation and get updates on all of our content from everyone on the MAN team. The entire operation is on my server that I pay for. The only person that will know your submitted information is Me and my most trusted, hand picked admins that I will choose at a later date when it takes off a little bit. Help me turn Mad American Network into more of a Network. Just make sure to read the guidelines.