Trump Could be Abandoning UK for Economic Alliance with EU

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Unnamed sources have told UK newspaper “The Times” that Donald Trump was convinced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to favor Germany in what is believed to be a potentially resurrected version of Paul Ryan’s infamous TTIP deal.

In this situation, Trump is faced with a dilemma: pushing for US economic prosperity, or combating islamization and de-secularization of the european continent. It makes sense for President Trump to prioritize the EU over the UK given the the EU has an economy of 11.23x larger than the UK meaning there is more potential for the US to benefit, and Trump has been championed for his negotiation skills.

However the other side of the coin is whether to intervene in the current Islamization and de-secularization of the EU. The increasing scale of the Islamic threat poses a huge problem for Europe that has enabled events like the Brexit, and the rise of French candidate Marine Le Pen. Terrorist groups make significant amounts of money trafficking drugs and arms through the EU allowing them to re-investing into carrying out attacks. The right wing revival in Europe, notably the recent rise of Marine Le Pen, may prevent a catastrophe for the content. Attached are estimates from the  extensively liberally biased PEW research center projecting Muslim populations in Europe