LIVE COVERAGE: French Election Having Large Turnout Despite Efforts by Leftist Media

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If you’re an American that has tuned into the French election, you’re starting to notice some very clear similarities between today in France and our Election. There’s an Establishment shill whose Political Career has been peppered with corruption and scandal. You have a far left Populist that the Academia limpwrists and pseudointellectuals all howl about. There’s the very same stick-in-the-mud list of low energy perennial hang arounds. There’s even some goofy nobody that popped into the race last minute designed to drain votes away in favor of the Establishment’s sacred cow like we had with that Evan CuckMuffin or whatever the hell his name was. And then you have Marine Le Pen of the French National Front. A Nationalist and Populist who has campaigned against Globalist siphoning of French industry and has forced the talking heads to acknowledge the impending cataclysm that is the “Refugee Crisis”.

“Refugee Crisis” is even putting it lightly. They have more than just a Refugee Crisis or even a Terrorism Crisis on their hands. They’re a stone’s throw away from full scale demographic replacement. Some sources assert that by 2040 there will be not a single full blood Frenchman born. That’s it. They’re saying that in 23 years the French will be extinct in their own country. It’s been going in this direction since before the Refugee crisis with their near open border policies. Cultural Marxism has spread through France like terminal cancer. It might even be too late for them. As we see the monstrous killings and terror attacks haven’t all been committed by refugees. Many of them have been committed by 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims. They’re at the point that a Reconquista might be the final option for survival. A sentiment that many of us Americans are starting to entertain as well.

But we’re seeing a very similar phenomenon happen over in the land of our oldest allies. And that is the ever shifting narrative pumped out by the French media propagandists. First Le Pen was a joke that everyone mocked and laughed about because of the connection to her meme of a father. Then it became that she was an extreme far right candidate that nobody would ever vote for. Even the American media has repeated this same diatribe which I think is hilarious. Sure, by French standards, Le Pen could possibly be considered Right Wing. But by American standards? HA! She’s about 5 miles Left of the average American centrist. Jimmy-Joe Jerkoff who works 8 to 4 at the Bologna factory would cringe when he heard some of her stances on raising Corporate Gains Tax and huge spending on “Progressive” Green Energy solutions. But even though she borders on Socialist by American standards, they still keep hammering this “Far Right” narrative.

But when all else failed and support for Le Pen’s supposed LITERALLY HITLER message began to grow under their noses, they switched tactics once again. The last two weeks have been a repetitive loop of same tired nonsense used to dissuade voters from showing up at all. Over and over again we’ve heard that because all of these candidates are so bad, nobody even wants to vote at all. Nobody can decide and voter turnout is going to be completely abysmal across the board. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The “Silent Majority” in France is sick and tired of being sick and tired. They’re tired of the terror attacks. They’re tired of their shitty job market. They’re sick to death of being told by intellectual elitists from their ivory towers that they, the blood and soil of that country, are pieces of shit who need to open their arms to ungrateful foreigners while they themselves see their future and prosperity spiraling down the toilet that their grandfathers built with blood, sweat and tears.

Just watch. After weeks of fake polls and spinning propaganda about abysmal voter turnout, the contrary is being unfolded right before our eyes. Reports are now saying there is a record voter turnout and the race is “Too Close to Call” as Le Pen is neck and neck with the competition. Don’t be surprised if Le Pen wins in Trumpian fashion and the French Establishment begins to foam at the mouth in autistic rage. They’ve already started to blame the Russians. Let’s pray that our European cousins win this one. I know it would break my heart to see the lands that birthed my grandparents and the greatest civilizations the Earth has ever seen reduced to a 3rd world cesspit.

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