Flesh Panda Leader of Best Korea Baits USA into War He Can’t Win

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According to South Korean Yonhap news agency a US citizen and Korean-American was detained by North Korea. The citizen had been involved in providing aid and relief to North Koreans living under the oppressive communist regime. An Chan-il told

“We have been informed and can confirm that there has been a detention of a U.S. citizen Saturday morning,” Martina Aberg, deputy head of mission for the Swedish Embassy in North Korea, told CNN.

The director of the World North Korea Research Center in Seoul, Ahn Chan-il , told Yonhap news that that the Communist regime “seems to be intending to use Professor Kim as leverage in negotiations.”

So it appears our sexually incompetent fat fuck wants to be Nuked and witness the destruction off his county, along with part of China and South Korea. Ok, perhaps being nuked isn’t his goal, but he certainly wants to see the globalist propaganda machine up in arms complaining about President Trump’s next move on the communist threat.