Triggers and the Marxist Meatgrinder that is Western Academia

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I know you’ve all seen them. Carl the Cuck, Trigglypuff, AIDS Skrillex and countless others. These are Social Justice Warriors, a moniker for bleeding heart college pukes. However, what most of the population considers a gaggle of clowns, to those of us familiar with modern history, what they represent is something far more sinister. Most people think these are simply entitled brats who’ve had their hands held too long and can’t control their emotions. Hence their demands for “Safe Spaces” and “Trigger Warnings”. This is only partially true, the true story of “Social Justice”, Triggers and the like, have their roots all throughout history. Their unruly behavior, dogmatic obsession with their political agenda and belligerent demands aren’t new. In fact, these same exact fanatics are found in every historical timeline associated with Communist revolution. Before you accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat, listen to this short history lesson. I’ll make it entertaining, I promise.

So, before we dig into history, I’ll outline Marxist thinking for those of you who are unfamiliar or apolitical. The essential goal of Communism, Leninism, Marxism and all of it’s various Collectivist cousins is to give all power to the laborers of a nation or territory. Sound nice? Of course it does, “Power to the People”, Right? It’s supposed to sound nice. It’s the concept that the power structure must start from the bottom up. For example, one of their concepts is called “Syndicalism”, the idea that all means of production must be owned by the workers of a company. You know all those mouthbreathers you work with? Yeah, every single one of them would be a share holder in the company and all profits would be distributed evenly among everyone. Starting to sound stupid now, doesn’t it? Because it is. Every time a decision in the company would be made, every jerkoff who punches their time card and carries on with their 8 hour shift of mediocre performance would get a vote. And big surprise, it doesn’t work. It’s a clunky hamfisted system with all chiefs and no indians. It’s utterly inefficient and this formula of collectivist theory is applied to every policy in the Commie playbook. It’s rooted in a skewed sense of morality that completely ignores any sound economic idea and clings onto a deluded obsession with class warfare. That the ruling class is inherently evil, doesn’t deserve their wealth and the lower classes must be liberated from their oppression. These supposed ruling elitists are dubbed the “Bourgeoisie”. This is a tactic. Even though this title has been left behind in the pages of history, the tactic remains. You see, the goal of the Marxist Ideologue isn’t to “liberate” as they claim, it’s to destabilize and erode the foundation of a society via a concept called “Critical Theory”. Because a true cultural revolution can never come to fruition while a status quo of Tradition, Faith, Nationalism, Capitalism and Meritocracy reign supreme. How can everyone get their “fair share” while only those who work hard are amassing wealth? Are you starting to see the rhetoric used by Social Justice Warriors? Marxists are brilliant with disguising their rhetoric and morphing it into buzzphrases to pull on the heart strings of unknowing students. It goes even deeper.

In 1930’s a group of Marxist intellectuals created a think tank in Frankfurt, Germany aiming to bring about the upheaval of the German Tradition. Unfortunate for them, Hitler started arresting Communists and sent them off to camps to be executed. So like the cowardice serpents they are, they fled Germany for the United States where they opened the “Frankfurt Institution for Social Research” and continued their teaching of “Critical Theory”. The entire premise of Critical Theory is that all forms of social norms are detrimental, oppressive and must be dissolved. The way this is carried out is by being “Critical” of these values. The problem with that is that the virtues these ideologues deem as oppressive tend to be natural, healthy and upheld with pride. Why would anyone want to destroy the very ideals that made their society prosperous and strong? They wouldn’t. So the slimeballs at the Frankfurt School conjured a subtle process of social programming that would be applied in increments subversively throughout multiple generations. With the help of the KGB as outlined by Yuri Bezmenov, the concept of Critical Theory was taught to half baked intellectuals in the 60’s who later slithered their way into every level of Western Academia. When you say “Brainwashing”, everyone pictures a Clockwork Orange-esque forced conditioning where men in black suits snatch you off the street and lock you in a windowless room where you spend the coming months strapped to a chair with your eyes pried open, immersed in an infinite loop of propaganda. If only it was that obvious. Instead, bits and pieces of Marxist ideology are underhandedly slid into your child’s curriculum camouflaged as “Social Justice”, “Equality”, “Gay/Women’s Liberation” and many others. These are all concepts designed to chisel away at the foundation of Western society disguised as some progressive attempt at tolerance. It’s far from tolerance. It’s a war of words waged on the “Privileged”. Which is the new Bourgeoisie. The “Privileged” members of society are those born inherently evil and undeserving of everything they have or achieve by default only because their very existence stands as an obstacle in the way of their “progress”. Now it is White Males and the wealthy. Tomorrow it could be Asian Females or Velociraptors in rainbow suspenders. Whoever stands in their way will be the target of their demonization and shaming tactics.

Political Correctness is the weapon used against the new Bourgeoisie. With perverted revisions of history as written in the works of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky replacing historical accounts and a perfected system of social conditioning, an entire generation of political warriors are manufactured in the Marxists’ war against civilization. Our children are their tools and our education system their factory. Among a thinking population, concepts that work against their own interests would be rejected. However, among a population of brainwashed zombies, cultural masochism is possible. Look into the glazed eyes of these fanatics as they have emotional reactions to anything that is incorrect to their politics. They are the newest ranks of Mao’s Red Guard or Lenin’s Bolsheviks. Unknowing political pawns programmed to instinctually react to anything and everything that opposes the ideology drilled into their heads by their ideological architects. These aren’t critically thinking people. Social Justice Warriors are robots devoid of self determination designed to throw a wrench in the gears of society. Ask them why they hate Donald Trump. No reasoning, No examples, nothing except a triggered emotional response followed by howling about racism, sexism or any other fictional “ism” in the ever growing encyclopedia of supposed injustices against the poor puppy dogs of society. They have relinquished their humanity and individuality for conformity in the favor of ideological totalitarianism. Unbeknownst to them, they are expendable, useful idiots who are blindly marching into a dystopian nightmare like political lemmings. When their “progress” comes to fruition, as it has in many countries throughout history, they will be lined up against a wall and shot in the head. In the future they fight so viciously for, there is no room for revolutionaries. There is no place for those who cause trouble or oppose authority. This will leave the rest of us as casualties. Victims of our own inaction forever imprisoned under the crushing boot of a tyrannical rule. Ronald Reagan knew all of this, which is why he gave out orders for lethal action against the protesters on “Bloody Thursday”.

How do we stop them? Well, the best action is something I can’t openly suggest on the internet. The next best option is to purposely offend them. Abuse your 1st amendment right. Be as obnoxious as possible to cause them to short circuit. Because the only power they have is the power we allow them to have. Every time they shame you, insult you, berate you or disrupt your events and you remain silent, you remain seated, they gain a victory. With every victory they gain momentum and power. The more power they gain, the more effective their thought policing, silencing and intimidation tactics become. Your silence is their strength, your fear is where they gain control. They have no talking points, no logic, they are just here to rabblerouse. They will goad you into debate that you can’t win. So meet their mental gymnastics with obnoxiousness. These people spend their time scouring the internet for people to harass. Targets for their Social Justice witch hunts to browbeat into submission and silence. Make their endeavors fruitless, make them into the joke they are. Say exactly what is going to cause them to have a meltdown and when they act out physically, record it and show it to the world. Your words are the sharpest of all swords in the battle against tyranny. Swing it as hard as you can.