#AntifaTerrorists Flee like Cowards from Stickman and Legion of Patriots

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Once again, on April 15th, the Based Stickman has returned to Berkeley. And on this day the Crusade against the vile hordes of Marxist terrorists has begun. Legions upon Legions of brave Americans, Patriots, Proudboys, Militiamen, Alt-Righters, Pagans, Christians, Hoteps and Nationalists united to chase the Antifa parasites through the streets as they hurled smoke bombs. Their bravery didn’t wane. The Communists screamed vulgarities, pepper sprayed the innocent and brought their same tired tactics of obnoxiousness and intimidation. But on this day they failed miserably.

On this day our brothers and sisters fought back. The Antifa worms couldn’t use pack violence. They couldn’t hack their websites. They couldn’t doxx them. They couldn’t do a single thing to stop them. So instead of standing and fighting like men, they ran. They ran as Patriots hunted them like the animals they are. Punching them, Stomping them, Kicking them and showing how physically impotent these Leftists are when confronted in person one on one.

I reveled in every second of it. It was absolutely delicious. Because I, like every other small time media outlet, has been harassed by these degenerates. My website has been hacked, my Email has been hacked, my Paypal drained, personal information leaked, Livestreams shut down, family threatened, wife mocked. At every turn these scumbags have tried to limit my God given right to free speech. They’ve stolen from me, stalked me, tampered with my livelihood and even threatened to drown my 2-year-old son in the bathtub. Claiming that I will “Indoctrinate him” with my “Bigotry” so killing him would “Do the world a service”.

I even attempted to call them out. Revolutionary Libertarian, Augustus Sol Invictus and I marched to the steps of my State’s capital after they shut down the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival where he was supposed to debate. I was there. But like the cowards they are, they didn’t show. They claimed we were hiding behind the police presence. So we went to their hangout place in the city. We walked right into their bar. I looked a few of them right in the face hoping they would act and I could get the chance to confront them. Nothing.

So seeing my fellow Patriots get their revenge on these scumbags was truly sweet. Don’t let up. We must make sure the American way of life lives forever. That our Children get the chance to have freedom and Liberty. Because if we don’t continue fighting the Communists. Eventually they’ll get their way and achieve their goal. And their endgame is a Totalitarian Dystopian Nightmare. Never give up the fight.