United Nations “Peacekeepers” Caught in Child Sex Ring

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Every single year, pedophilia, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking rates increase. The International Labor Organization says that there are 21 million human trafficking victims worldwide and 5 Million trapped in forced sex trafficking around the world. At least 100,000 kids are prostituted yearly in America, adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry.

It’s not just a sweaty pervert in sweatpants who parks his van too close to the local McDonald’s playplace. The vile degeneracy has been found at every level. Systematic Child Abuse reaches from local Businessmen to the highest branches of Government and even to Socialite Pizza Shop Owners.

In this particularly horrific case, it’s the people we’re supposed to trust to help others: the United Nations’ peacekeepers. As it turns out, “Peacekeeper” moniker couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of these agents come from 3rd world hellholes like Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Somalia and Pakistan. The United Nations have either brushed the allegations under the rug or refused to acknowledge.

During “Peace Keeping” mission in Haiti, numerous allegations of Child rape and exploitation of young women have been reported. A young women who has been recorded as “Victim #1” describes that she “Didn’t even have breasts” as she was raped by over 50 UN Peacekeepers from ages 12 to 15. Several of the attacks even occurred in the back of a United Nations official van. Even by the Commandant, Leader of the agency on that specific mission was involved. Victim #1 has reported that the Commandant would often pay her 75 cents after a sexual assault.

A little boy, also known as Victim #9, reported to be gang raped several times a day by over 100 Sri Lankan Peacekeepers over the course of 3 years. He was only 15.

After several years of reports of these crimes, the UN finally sent 114 Peacekeepers to their home countries. No prosecution was pursued and nobody was imprisoned. Most of these men are still employed by the UN.

Another instance of abuse during the UN’s PeaceKeeping mission in Haiti was at the hands of agents from Uruguay. An 11 year old boy was gang raped by Uruguayan UN Peacekeepers who recorded the vicious act on a mobile device. After the video went viral, the 5 men were sent back to their home country. Where only 4 of them were charged with “Private Violence” and not imprisoned. The 5th wasn’t even charged. After public outrage the UN released a statement forwarded from one of the rapists who claimed it was a “Prank gone wrong”

Yeah. Gang raping a child was a prank. The fact that this isn’t front page news is astonishing. Proves how absolutely controlled the media is by the Global establishment and their agenda. The UN is a cancerous, corrupt organization that needs to be absolutely dissolved.


  • Dave Martel